Can You Plan a Wedding in Three Months?

There is no doubt that you can pull off your dream wedding on a budget. But, how about planning the big day in three months? A lot of people start to plan their special day at least one year in advance. Indeed, everyone says that you should plan your wedding over a long period of time since there is so much to do. But, this is not possible for everyone. Sometimes, depending on your own personal circumstances, you will only have a few months to get ready. Well, know that it is perfectly possible to plan an amazing wedding in three months. Here is how you can do it.

Wedding in Three Months

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Three Months Ahead of the Big Day

First thing’s first; you want to get the big tasks out the way. In other words, you want to sort out the legalities of the big day. After all, getting hitched is the main priority. Then you have the big task and that is booking the wedding venue. There is no doubt that some popular places will be all booked up three months before the wedding. But, if you do not mind where you get married, there are going to be other venues you can choose from. Make the booking and choose the date.

You also want to make other bookings for the big day. This includes booking a celebrant, photographer and band or DJ. Again, these are arrangements that need as much advance notice as possible. In addition, brides want to start looking for their wedding dress since we all know that it can take some time to find the perfect one. See this wedding planning guide for more details on what you should start booking at the three-month stage.

Two Months Before You Tie the Knot

Now, two months before the wedding, it is important to prepare your guest list. You are going to have to decide who you want to invite and send out the invitations promptly.  The next step is going to be arranging the hen and stag parties, as well as purchasing your wedding ring. Hopefully, you have also found your wedding dress and it will be time to make the big purchase. It may be beneficial to book and try out your hair and makeup for the big day too. This way, you are all prepared for the wedding.

One Month Before the Wedding

In the final month before your wedding, it is all systems go. This is when you are going to be finalising the theme of your wedding, as well as ordering the flowers and other décor. If any alterations need to be made to the dress or shoes, now is the time to do them. In addition, you may want to book any beauty treatment before the special day. To check on your guests, review the RSVPs and set up a gift guide if this is something you want for your wedding. This saves you from getting any unwanted presents.

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