Best animated sci fi movies that changed everything

There are very few science fiction animated films, many come from Japan and almost all of them have had a powerful impact on the collective imagination. To prove it, we lined up the 10 best animated sci fi movies of all time. To trespass into the banal, it was decided to avoid those that come from television series (so no EVA, Harlock, Galaxy999, Clone wars and the like), only long ones that are born and die long.

The sign of an economically recovering or even just healthy country is a vital, diverse film production full of heterogeneous films. From Brazil comes this week 2096 – A story of love and fury, an animated science fiction film that tells, along 4 fundamental stages in Brazilian history, two human beings who chase each other over time through reincarnations and mythology. From Indian to revolutionaries of the future. Keep reading: Kenja No Mago Season 2 Release Date

The trait is as original as the story, the realization and the rhythm not as strong. However, the audacity to make such an ambitious and expensive animated feature-length is indisputable. Especially considered science fiction,n animation is a complex and hard genre that has rarely been practiced outside ofJapand. It does not possess a run-in structure. In short, if we exclude souls, it is a land of conquest.

Best animated sci fi movies

best animated sci fi movies

10. Renaissance

French attempt at 2D animation in 3D environments, clever in working on two colors and creative in the visual style (the modern version of Paris is between steampunk and Minority Report). Unfortunately, the story is far less compelling than it should be.

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9. Final Fantasy: the spirits within

It will long be remembered as one of the most mammoth and magnificently useless attempts ever. Do “by hand” what only a few years later would have started to do with motion capture. Final Fantasy: the spirits within were trying to create photorealistic computer animation and were also close. Of course, the result was not flawless from any point of view, but it was still a monstrous and memorable leap forward.

8. The girl who jumped in time

There are time travels through future technology. Still, we are not “exactly” on the side of science fiction because Mamoru Hosoda uses this device for his purposes which are not the classic adventures in time, but rather a rigid human formation. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time has a science fiction hint, but it is an intimate film. An extraordinary work that can be found in its entirety on YouTube.

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7. 9 A

curious work, full of suggestions, ideas and possibilities which, however, has remained confined, is not known to many and has not generated imitators, sequels or even a career for its authors (Shane Acker has returned to making special effects). Yet, it had all the characteristics of the best epics.

6. The Iron Giant

Big business for a non-Disney studio, he revealed Brad Bird’s talent (the hand behind the Simpsons animation) to the world and brought him into Pixar. The cartoon plays between 2D and CG, with very deep contents but, as always for Americans, also equipped with elementary reading levels.

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5. A ghost in the shell

In the 1990s, it helped change what was thought possible with animation, especially outside of Japan where we were light years behind. It has pushed the trend of narrative complexity to another level and remains a staple in biotech design.

4. A scanner darkly

Rotoscoping at the highest levels, cinema of the slow stripping of men (precisely in the sense of removing their flesh) to bend them to what their minds imagine. Linklater’s idea of ​​using this technique to transpose Philip K. Dick’s drug-fueled delusions is a stroke of genius that no one should ignore anymore.

3. Wall-E

Many things can be said about Wall-E and it is certainly a cartoon with many levels of reading. But there is one issue that he was the first to tackle, an area in which he managed to innovate: it is the first mainstream animated feature film to put humans aside and focus only on machines. They are the story. They are the feelings, they are the fears. There is no canonical struggle between spirit and matter. Matter has a spirit within itself. We hadn’t cried in the cinema for years and Pixar managed to get it done for robots.

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2. Akira

Sumptuous in the making, very confused in the narration (which compresses a much longer and more articulated story), mammoth in the scenes and influential to death in the style. There has never been anything able to affect the collective imagination so much without going through an engaging plot but only working with characters and visual style, only with images and aesthetics, rhythm, screams and cyberpunk. An actual work of art, obviously complete on YouTube .

1. Paprika

If Akira is probably the most influential sci-fi animated film ever, Paprika is complex and daring. It attempts to synthesize reality and dream, aspiration and technology, humanity and spirit that is impressive. It is useless to make comparisons with Inception (which has taken up the basic assumption) because the realm in which Satoshi Kon’s film fights is that of surrealist cinema and unconscious stimuli, taking science fiction to a higher level. On YouTube, there is everything.

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