Best 3 Hotels in Seattle Washington

The adage that all work without play makes Tom a dull boy is so true. After a busy year, you need a place where you can go and have some good time, reflect and gather more energy. Of the many tourists’ destinations in the US, Seattle is the best especially when you want to have a good time with the family. This city presents a host of hotels of all levels; whether you’re looking for a hotel that costs $30 a night or you’re looking for a 5-star that can even go for $150, Seattle is the best destination for you.

Following are some of the places you can go have a good time in Seattle

Mayflower park hotel

The thriving Downtown of Seattle hosts this luxurious hotel. Built-in 1927, this hotel is at the heart of the city. Its gleaming brass and crystal chandeliers offer an amazing European look. It is located near some of Seattle’s most exciting places. Near the hotel are famous places like the Seattle waterfront, Pike place market, and so many other attraction sites. It is also rich with an array of theatres, museums, and shops that are located just at the doorsteps. The Washington trade center is a few blocks away and while here, you have access to the monorail, two minutes ride from the space needle. You don’t want to miss the ambiance and the great experience in this hotel. At mayflower park hotel, you have exquisite services which will give lifetime memories.

Stay bridge suites Seattle

Are you looking for a great experience in a hotel that is affordable in Seattle? Welcome to one of the Seattle’s pride- the Stay bridge Suites- Fremont. Those who have been here before will attest that it’s a “home away from home”. It is a place where you’ll relax and enjoy to the fullest. The environment here is addictive, and that’s why most of the guests keep coming back every other year. Have you heard or read about some great landmarks in America like Fremont, the University of Washington among many others? While at the Stay bridge hotel, you have access to Seattle’s best attraction sites. With a budget of about $200 per day, you can have a good time here.

Holiday Inn Seattle Downtown

While at the Holiday Inn Seattle, you’re right in the middle of the city’s best attraction centers. The Pacific Science center, space needle, and all that you ever dreamt of being here. Experience music arena and Key arena are located near this place for the lovers of such. While in this great hotel, you’ve got the opportunity to explore the Seattle Art Museum, have some great experience at the Westlake Center, Nordstrom and others like the pacific place. The staffs in this place are just the best; they’re happy to assist you with trip planning, reservations, and therefore you can make the most of your time in this place.

Booking your space in one of the hotels with Jacuzzi in Seattle guarantees you the luxury and awesome relaxation. Talk to a reliable agent who will help you in the process and ensure you’re comfortable all through.

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