Are there advantages to tracking driver behaviour?

As a manager of a fleet operation, have you been wondering if there are any benefits to a tracking system for your drivers? Drivers themselves might not be keen on the idea of having their behaviour monitored but there are serious benefits for the wealth and health of the fleet that must be considered.

Drivers can receive training that will demonstrate to them the benefits of tracking, how they will be tracked and why they are being tracked. Keeping the drivers informed and sharing with them the type of real-time reports received through tracking will help to encourage a culture of accountability and understanding expectations. When a company is honest about how tracking can benefit performance, drivers are more likely to be on board with the process.

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Drivers often report that feedback on their performance is valuable. It is considered more a tool for security than surveillance and this must be understood by those whose vehicles are fitted with telematics. The reports produced by telematics can help drivers to understand how their habits impact fleet vehicles and how this relates to financial implications for the company. It also provides drivers with the opportunity for development and personal growth. Find out more about Vehicle Fleet Management at a site like

Dash cams provide a solution to the unique problems faced by mobile employees. It is easy for a manager of an office to see the staff but the same cannot be said for fleet drivers. It is often not economical for a colleague to accompany a driver, so the dashcam takes that place. As well as holding drivers accountable for their driving actions, a dash cam also serves as an essential witness for any issues occuring that are not the fault of the employee.

Dash cams mean that office staff can keep track of where an employee might be without the driver needing to inform of their whereabouts. This checking in process means the driver can focus on driving and not be distracted. Anything that lessens driver distraction is much safer. This open line of communication makes the business more efficient and helps to promote the health of fleet vehicles.

Vehicle tracking systems are ideal for reducing wasteful practices, such as idling, fuel wastage and speeding. If a company wants to learn more about where they make fuel savings, the telematics provided by a tracking system is a great place to start.

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Other features of tracking mean that reminders about mileage and servicing are much easier to keep on top of. Knowing exactly when a vehicle has reached the mileage for its next service can minimise the amount of downtime required. The ability to keep fleet vehicles in a good, well-serviced condition also protects their resale value.

The detailed information provided by telematics means business owners can feel more connected to the operations and better understand where improvements need to be made. The data collected can be used to make savings, improving the company’s bottom line in a competitive marketplace.

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