6 tips to eliminate anxiety and stress

We live in a world that goes too fast, we have millions of things to do at the end of the day, work with family, study.and we only have 24 hours. We are not machines nor do we have superpowers to face the situations of modern life without our health being resented. The busy life of day to day moves us from one place to another producing great evil. Some of the consequences of this can lead to many of us suffering anxiety and stress. Today we are going to give you 6 tricks to eliminate anxiety and stress in an easy way so that your quality of life improves remarkably.

Tips to eliminate anxiety and stress

1. Give yourself a good rest

anxiety and stress

A dream can be very refreshing, both for the mind and for the body. Sleep recharges our batteries to face a new day with energy. Experts recommend sleeping 8 hours so try to do it, especially in those periods when you go through a high level of stress . Also, if you notice, when you sleep badly or rest a few hours you are more irritable, your body feels tired and any small problem seems like a world to you. Keep reading- The importance of meditation to leave anxiety

2. Stay away from the noise

How about taking a walk in a park or a rural getaway? Get in touch with nature, be surrounded by greenery and where the biggest noise you hear are the songs of the birds or the flow of a river will disconnect you completely . In times of maximum stress, consider leaving a weekend or a few days outside of the city’s routine. Believe me, you will return with your batteries charged and with a calmer vision of life.

3. Play

anxiety and stress

A perfect way to remove all those thoughts that generate stress and anxiety in your day to day is to do activities that are creative as paint or play to spread your mind.

Do you have children, nephews, small neighbors? Great, play with them. You will see how playing with them you will have fun and you will see life from another perspective.

4. Listen to music

anxiety and stress

Have you noticed the happiness you feel when you listen to a song you like? Connect the music to your device and put on the headphones. Close your eyes and listen to that song that you like so much.

They say that listening to music tames the beasts, well, let’s try with it to control our anxiety and our stress levels. In particular, classical music produces an anti-stress effect in your body that you must take into account.

The reassuring effect of the music is incredible, as well as, its positive effect on people changing their mood.

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5. Practice sports or do meditation

anxiety and stress

Playing sports is one of the best choices to eliminate stress and anxiety. By exercising you release endorphins, hormones of happiness that provoke in you a good mood and a pleasant sensation . Practice whatever you want, soccer, go for a run, go to the gym, do a collective class of Zumba, sign up for salsa classes … whatever is less stay at home absorbed by the problems in your life

For its part, meditation is a practice that will allow you to relax a lot, improve your mood and health, and even relieve pain. You can practice meditation for 10 minutes a day, you will see how little by little your quality of life improves and you reduce your levels of stress and anxiety.

6. Maintain a healthy and nutritious diet

anxiety and stress

Eating a balanced diet is very important to eliminate anxiety and stress. Try to eat foods rich in nutrients such as vegetables, fish, olive oil, nuts … that will fill you with energy in a healthy way. Avoid as much as possible consume coffee and alcohol, as they stimulate your nervousness.

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