6 Things You Should Do When Hiring An Escort

The capital city of Western Australia, Perth, is the state’s largest city and the fourth most populated. So with the existence of a business district and a metropolitan area, it’s no surprise that the sex industry thrives here.

As a tourist doing business around Perth or a local who wants to blow off some steam and have a pleasurable time, getting some companionship for a while is not uncommon.

If you are curious about what escort in Perth has to offer, then take note of the following tips before booking an appointment.

Health Checks are Important

Each escort has a different way of dealing with clients, and some may require you to present test results that you are clean and that there is no risk of getting any disease from you.

The same goes for you when you plan on hiring an escort. Make sure you hire an escort who is clean and has healthy test results. Although agencies do require them to get tested regularly, it’s always better to be extra careful.

The different States have Different Laws

If you plan on hiring an escort in Perth, it may have different regulations than Sydney, Melbourne, or the Gold Coast. Read up on local laws and ask around if there are specific rules that you need to follow.

Before booking an appointment, make sure you have some idea of what to do or not to do. Remember that in Western Australia, sex work is legal, but pimping and brothels are not.

Make Sure Your Space is Clean

Because brothels are illegal in Perth, you are the one to host tidying up not just your room but also your bathroom. It would also be helpful if you already have a bunch of clean towels ready.

Having a clean space will be comfortable for both you and your escort. It will not only be convenient but will contribute to a fun and exciting atmosphere as well.

Be Respectful

Treat your escort as you would any other guest who enters your home. Escorting is the job that you are paying them to do. So don’t hesitate to be friendly, but also know your limits.

Let your escort relax and feel at home. Offer her a glass of water or point out where the restroom is if she needs to use it. Make sure you are not doing anything that will make her uncomfortable, leading her to report you to their agency.

Let Her Check-in at Work When She Arrives

Some agencies require their escorts to inform them once they arrive at the client’s place. Don’t take this personally, as this is for her security and for her agency or her friends to make sure that she is okay.

Give Her the Fee Once She Comes In

You don’t have to wait for the time to finish before you give her the fee as tidy soon as she comes in, hand over the money in a neat bundle or an envelope.

Giving crumpled-up money is disrespectful and may affect how your escort may treat you. Therefore, always bear in mind to be respectful so your escort can afford you the kind of respect you are showing towards her.

It is an unspoken rule to be careful when hiring escorts. So, make sure you read up on helpful information before booking an appointment. You want the night to be exciting and pleasurable so do your part in making your night more enjoyable. And the most important thing you need to remember: don’t forget to use protection!

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