6 Hi-Tech gadgets that will keep you warm in cold and lonely office but also at home!

Here are 6 Hi-Tech gadgets that will warm you up while you’re stuck in front of your desk. Excellent accessories for working comfortably on your computer and more.

That devil of your employer keeps the office at a temperature that can hang a lot of meat? Do not despair! Counterattack with these 6 Hi-Tech gadgets that will warm you while you’re stuck at the desk.

Choose between the 6 Hi-Tech gadgets including USB hand warmer, a soft neck pillow and other warm accessories to spend working hours in the warmest and most welcoming way possible.

1) Heated mouse: Never again at work with cold hands!

Hi-Tech gadgets

Excellent Hi-Tech gadgets solution for the chilly ones that in winter always have their hands frozen to the PC.

Those suffering from poor circulation will know that cold hands are one of the most annoying things when working on computers in winter (I know something …). Thanks to this nice gadget you will finally solve the annoyance without having to interrupt the work to warm your hands.

Pointer accuracy is quite good, but for better performance I recommend using a mouse pad. Try also the model that I use every day with the ergonomic wrist rest: so comfortable that you cannot do without it!

2) USB heating gloves (Unisex)

Hi-Tech gadgets

These USB gloves can help you warm your hands while you are writing to your PC with a very simple system. All you have to do is connect them to the USB port and after a few seconds you immediately feel the heat (not too strong). If you disconnect them after a while they will manage to keep the temperature still for about ten minutes. Universal size.

The design is not very interesting and the quality of the gloves is not very high, so I do not recommend buying them to make a gift. But as a gadget for the office, or to wear when you write from home, they are interesting and original.

3)  Heatable neck cushion

Hi-Tech gadgets

Does not the form seem strangely familiar to you? It will be that I’m fixed with the web, but for me this is officially the cushion of the Firefox browser!

The fox is fleece, filled with wheat. It should be heated for a couple of minutes in the microwave at 600W and worn around the neck. The dimensions are small but still suitable to wrap around the neck and really does its duty well.

It releases heat for about twenty minutes and remains pleasantly warm until about an hour. A really nice and original product. Also nice to give.

4) Portable USB cup warmer

Hi-Tech gadgets

If you are looking for an original office gadget, here’s what you need! A small accessory really useful on winter days when you are at the computer for leisure or for work.

The support surface is wide and the heating-drinks start to work simply by connecting the USB cable, included in the package, to the relative input of the computer.

The cup heats up very quickly and only serves to preserve the heat of the drinks, not to heat them. If they are cold, they become warm but not warm.

5) Travel kettle (and office!)

Hi-Tech gadgets

The size of the kettle is really small and is convenient to take to work. See also this cute infuser on offer!

Excellent self – extinguishing achieved boiling, so you do not have to worry about checking the water every few minutes.

In 5 minutes he manages to boil half a liter of water. Complete with filter (removable) on the spout, it is comfortable and compact.

The package also includes 2 plastic cups with spoons. A great gadget for the office that cannot miss on the desk of the most chilly! PS If you are a fan of teas and infusions take a look at this “advanced” model of Aicok.

6) 3 in 1 multifunctional hand warmer with 6000 mAh Power Bank

Hi-Tech gadgets

This small and comfortable hand warmer is a great gadget for the office for various reasons. First of all it gives off heat from both sides, for a uniform heat dispersion.

Its rounded corners and the smooth and curved surface make it both easy to handle and pleasant to the touch. It is made of aluminum alloy: high quality conductor for a fast and lasting internal charge.

The function to give off heat can be activated by clicking the white button on the front. You can choose a warm or higher temperature, useful for warming your hands in situations of intense cold.

The hand warmer is also a good portable 6000 mAh battery charger with which you can load any type of device (useful if you’re late at work and the phone has no energy!).

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