5 exploration games for those who love to travel

Fans call them “Walking game” (games where you walk): they are somewhat atypical videogames, where you don’t shoot or fight, there are very few puzzles, and where the important thing about exploration games is the world you see around you.

These games are not usually large, cost little, and are a paradise for those who visit an alternative world, enjoying the details, solving large and small mysteries, and maybe even admire the sunset.

Here are five exploration games we have selected for you!


Questo is an urban entertainment exploration game that offers walking around and touring the most anticipated places around the world. It loved by travelers who are not only like to explore around the world but discover interesting places within a city and solve riddles to go into depth.

Questo is not a treasure hunter game but it is mostly like that, it’s a different way to know a city as in this exploration game users has to solve the riddle with clues to explore the next location.

If you want to discover new places and feel like an explorer, then this game will be exciting for you to travel to new places experience the unknowns and own your discovery.

The Qesto exploration game has up to 125 quests from 50 cities around the world but it’s gradually growing. Besides exploring the modern cities, it targets different audiences and age groups. While children can play with educational quests, adults can experience the haunted places around the world, currently, it has 20 haunted quests.

If you are ready to solve challenges and discover new places with fun, then you should play Questo exploration game maybe within your own city.

Gone Home

The protagonist is a girl who returns home after a long absence: the family has vanished, and she must visit the huge villa in search of clues to find out what happened.

Being set in the USA in the 80s, Gone Home is a journey through time in the culture of those years: for a player, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to recognize musical groups or TV broadcasts of the time, but it is also a good opportunity to discover overseas pop culture – Wikipedia gives a big help!

There are no big puzzles, no mysteries: you will have to wander around the manor discovering secret passages and exploring the different rooms to find out what happened.

Perhaps, you will find the traces of those who lived in the house before your family and left a legacy… out of the ordinary!


In FireWatch, you play the role of a forest ranger who has to keep an eye on a huge wooded area in Wyoming at risk of fires.

As you explore the area around you and your surveillance tower, you will discover the past of the character you control, why he decided to leave his family for such a lonely job, what he did in his “previous life”, why he thus needs to reflect on what he has done.

The only friendly voice will be the one coming from the radio, a colleague to chat with during breaks and between one day and another.

An adventure for “outdoor” explorers, which holds some unexpected surprises.


It almost feels like Gravity- inspired game: Are you in space, and does the game begin? “After a quick introduction that tells you how to move in zero gravity – with a frightening crash on the space station.

Alone and very scared, you will have to explore the station and find a way to save yourself: there is some little puzzle, and you will also have to collect the oxygen containers to avoid being killed by suffocation during your exploration.

Among the games in this article, it is the one most similar to a real adventure, even if the missions that will be proposed to you are quite similar to each other and the essential thing is to find the oxygen to survive – in Adrift the greatest difficulty is to orient yourself.

On PC it is also possible to play it with the Virtual Reality viewer.

The Park

Maybe it’s not a horror at the level of The Ring, but you will do a few jumps in the chair: it is an adventure set in a playground. The protagonist is a mother who sees her son enter the park, and has to chase him to get him back.

However, as he is climbing the escalators leading to the entrance, something unexpected happens: he finds himself in an abandoned and devastated version of the playground.

You will then have to visit the main attractions of the park to understand the history and mystery of the protagonist.

The puzzles are very simple and The Park is basically a couple of hours outing between fear and terror of the past.

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