The best horror movies to watch on Netflix in 2020

If this 2020 you are looking to spend a scary time with the light off and the blanket close, Netflix and its horror movies catalog of original content offer you several options.

The Netflix catalog has a repertoire of movies from multiple genres to enjoy when spending time on TV, tablet or mobile, and incidentally make Martin Scorsese rage. Horror is one of the favorite genres of Netflix subscribers, and the platform has opted for scary content to satisfy demand.

Green marketing and eco-branding: environmental sustainability in your company

Do you want to spread a “green marketing” culture and make your contribution to environmental sustainability? Why not let your potential customers know?

This is “green marketing”: spreading and advertising all the best practices you apply every day to win new customers and push those you already have to commit to a better world.

How to treat dry hands

The hands are one of the parts of our body that suffer the most from the effects of our daily activities. Direct contact with products and other factors such as the sun, make them one of the most delicate parts of the body. Therefore, it is very common for them to show signs of dryness and accumulate more dead cells. Also, we tend to neglect them more than we should.

4 Things To Do In Central America To Do At Least Once In A Lifetime

If they asked us to choose 4 things to do in Central America at least once in a lifetime we would have no doubts. There are trips you will never forget because the memory of the experiences you have made will accompany you forever.

So it was for our trip to Central America where we visited four of the seven states that make it up: El Salvador, Honduras, Belize and Guatemala. A trip that lasted three weeks during which we grinded kilometers and did many very exciting things.