The Secret to Making Any Outfit Amazing and Classy

Have you noticed how those movie stars, Instagram celebs, and other famous people always look amazing in their photos, and yet they are not always dressed up in haute couture clothes? In fact, they look incredible even when they are just wearing ordinary things such as jeans, T-shirts or sweaters. The truth is you don’t have to be born on the red carpet or have a team of personal shoppers to look like million dollars. Heck, you don’t even need to have a million dollars! With some clever fashion tips, you can always look your best, even when you are buying groceries, having a cup of coffee with friends, or taking your kids to school.

How Does Diet Affect Hair Growth?

It’s a common question asked by many people who are interested to know how does diet affect hair growth. You see, there is no definite answer to this. No matter how hard scientists try, they just can’t come up with a sure and direct answer to this question. However, we do know certain things about diet that affect hair growth. Like for instance, do you know that drinking lots of water every day helps in improving the quality of your hair?

Learning how to care for thinning hair

Learning how to care for thinning hair is very easy once you understand what to look for and what to avoid. Hair loss is a problem that affects many people around the world and although most of us would like to think we’re not the ones suffering from this problem, there are so many things that could be causing it that it really doesn’t matter who you are or how much you spend on your hair each month. A good reason to take action in this department is that there are ways you can prevent this problem from getting worse. The first step towards learning how to take care of thinning hair is learning what kind of hair is in your head and what makes it grow.

6 types of skirts and how to wear them

Why always wear the same type of skirt? Get out of the routine and learn about 6 types of skirts and how to use them so that you can always give a very different look and so that in each event you attend you are the one that attracts the most attention.

Learn about the different types of skirts and how to combine them in your looks below.

  1. Pencil skirt or pencil

They are skirts very close to the body that is in fashion. They give you a very sophisticated and elegant style and you can use it for any event in which you will look groomed without so much effort.

Wear these skirts with shoes that visually lengthen your leg and if your legs are thick avoid wearing shoes with straps at the ankles. You can also combine them with ankle boots for more modern looks.

  1. Flared skirt

These types of skirts, as the name implies, come in the shape of a bell and are glued at the top and become looser as they reach the knee. Combine flared skirts with loose-fitting blouses, jackets, and even chunky knitwear.

eye! Avoid wearing these skirts with peplum tops, very delicate fabrics, or collared tops, unless you want to go retro.

  1. Pleated skirts

This type of skirt has transcended and has gone from being simple skirts to being found in designs such as maxi skirts, chiffon skirts, and even leather skirts. Wear the most form-fitting styles with tops and chunky knitwear to balance the volume and textures of your look.

With this, you will not have the blouse and the skirts equally loose, nor both equally close to the body.

  1. Origami skirts

These skirts, not so well known by many, are generally short and as a characteristic style, they have irregular peaks usually in the front, giving them that chic touch of folding.

Use them with square blouses that give structure to the whole outfit, T-shirts, and jackets, but the most important thing is to use a shaped purse, not a bag type.

  1. Skirts with transparencies

These types of skirts can be very difficult for many to combine, but the important thing is to maintain the balance between the sophisticated and the sexy without falling into the vulgar and showing more than it should.

If you will wear a long skirt with transparencies, it is best to style it with pointed shoes that will attract the eye vertically, making you look slimmer.

  1. Skirts with opening

Ideal for a sexy and sophisticated look, these skirts can become an all-in-one if you know how to combine them. The important thing in this garment is to avoid revealing too much in the upper part since you can not have a neckline in the blouse and in the skirt because it would look too loaded.

And now that you know these 6 types of skirts, do not hesitate to use them and remember to combine them with the most fashionable accessories and accessories that enhance your outfit, without forgetting shoes that make your legs look slim and stylized.

What Is St Patrick’s Day?

St Patrick’s Day, also known as the Feast of St Patrick, is an Irish national holiday. It was first celebrated in Ireland during the eighth century by the Celtic-speaking peoples of Ireland, following his death in the fifth century. The holiday continues to be a major festival for Irish citizens. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the majority of countries of the world, including Ireland. The feast is a time of celebration and parades, as well as an important day of prayer for the whole of Ireland. Wear something traditionally Irish to celebrate, such as Aran Sweaters from

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The feast of St Patrick has a long and colourful history. One of the most important figures associated with the legend is the man named Saint Patrick. According to legend, he was a shepherd boy who was captured by the enemy. He was forced to become a slave of the pagans. After several years, when he was freed, he went on a long journey and arrived in Ireland where he set off to spread the Christian faith. As his fame spread, he was eventually revered as a saint.

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St Patrick’s Day has its origins in the Catholic Church. While it was largely adopted as an observance of the Christian faith, St Patrick’s Day was actually originally a commemoration of his death. As time went by, however, this day became an important part of Irish culture. Today, it is celebrated across the globe in many ways and is particularly large in the United States. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th each year.

Why do Asians have slanted eyes?

Most of the ethnic groups found in the Asian continent have the characteristic in the physiognomy: they have slanted eyes. The shape of the eyes can be more or less almond-shaped but, the truth is that it is a distinctive fact of people who reside in countries such as Thailand, China, Japan, Mongolia, etc. Why is this happening? In this article, we will tell you why do Asians have slanted eyes, discovering the three main theories about this distinctive fact and highlighting the one that, for the experts, is the most convincing. So, you know, if you’ve ever wondered about the origin of Asian eyes, here is the answer!

Why do Asians have slanted eyes?

The correct name for Asian slanted eyes is “Mongolian bridle,” “epicanthic fold,” or “epicanthus.” It is different from a Westerner’s eye because, in the upper eyelid, there is a fold that covers the inner corner of the eye, causing the caruncle of the lacrimal to be covered and to descend to the bottom to finish joining with the skin of the face.

To know why Asians have slanted eyes, there have been many theories and, the first of them believed that it was due to the bone structure of the people in this part of the world. It was believed that Asians had the hole where the eyeball is installed in almond shape and, therefore, externally, the eyes were seen with this peculiar shape.

However, this theory was discarded as soon as it was discovered that the ocular structure is exactly the same in all humans: Eastern or Western.

The most compelling explanation

There is another theory that, so far, is the most accepted by the scientific community. Asians are believed to have slanted eyes out of a need to adapt to the environment in which they settled. When groups of humans arrived in the Asian part of the world, there were strong climatological contrasts with periods of intense luminosity and, others, with extreme cold that led to very strong winds and storms. Therefore, it is considered that genetics evolved to allow these Homo sapiens to live better in their environment and survive.

This theory is strongly supported because, in other areas of the world with very different climates (in the desert, the savannah), the people who live there also have slightly more slanted eyes than those who are settled in the western parts of the world. The reason for this is to be able to protect themselves from the sun and the desert sands.

Thus, we not only see slanted eyes in Asian ethnic groups but in other parts of the world we can also see an eye shape different from that of the West: in some areas of Africa (especially desert areas), in Chile, Peru, Bolivia In the US and Canada we also find that Aboriginal people also have eyes in this more Asian-like way.

Another controversial theory that does not finish convincing

However, there is another theory that answers why Asians have slanted eyes. A group of Chinese researchers believes that the Mongolian bridle is because its origin is not Homo sapiens but that it comes from a different branch of hominids: Homo Erectus Pekinensis. Thus, since they do not share the same antecedent, it is normal for different notable physiognomics to appear, such as the eyes, cheekbones, nose, etc.

This theory is that in 1921 remains of Homo Erectus Pekinensis were found and it was believed that when Homo erectus migrated to Asia, it survived to form the current Asian race.

However, most anthropologists reject this theory by arguing that African Homo Erectus survived evolution to eventually become Homo sapiens, from which the entire human race starts.

Modern Wedding Photography Has Something for Everyone

Although wedding photography was once a somewhat staid affair – a fixed tripod operated by a disinterested observer capturing image after image of stiffly organized family groups – it is now a vibrant and exciting industry. A big change has seen an increase in creativity driven by couples and photographers alike. People getting married want photographs that are truly representative of their style and their relationship and those behind the camera are happily meeting such demands.

Going retro

The word vintage is inescapable when it comes to trends in fashion, in décor and now in wedding ceremonies. The word itself actually encompasses a range of styles, but whether you are a wedding photographer in Hampshire or a dress designer in Yorkshire it won’t have escaped your notice that interest in vintage-themed ceremonies and receptions is continuing to soar.

A family affair

As important as the snaps taken on the day will be, many couples are choosing to make photography an even bigger part of their overall theme. One particularly thoughtful way of doing this is by looking back through the family albums and incorporating the wedding photos of loved ones into the reception decorations. With interest in genealogy on the rise, some couples might even be able to trace images from deep into the past. A great way to recognize the importance of family on the big day … and perhaps to look back on some fashions that are best forgotten!

Cutting edge

Wedding albums should be as special as the couple saying I do and as a result, more and more photographers are embracing the quirky side of capturing the big day. From snapping every little intricacy on the bride’s beautiful dress to focusing in on the detail of a guest’s bag, experienced professionals are adept at delivering something unique for the couple involved.

A relaxed approach

Yes, there is still a place for the traditional portraiture style valued by many couples, but in addition to this more and more wedding parties are being photographed in a more laid back and increasingly casual way. Seeing the real reactions of participants and guests, finding the most interesting nooks and crannies in the reception venue, and snapping the action on the dance floor can truly bottle the excitement of the day and keep it safe forever.

Embracing social media

There is seemingly no escape from social media, so rather than fighting it many couples are incorporating it into their special day. Some ceremonies decree a designated hashtag to be attached to images uploaded to Instagram or Twitter in order to get the ceremony ‘trending’ and in conjunction with professional photos, these informal shots can provide a great record as the wedding story unfolds.

Classic black and white

Although black and white pictures are far from a new initiative, they are a new trend in wedding photography. More and more couples are taken with the sleekness and sophistication that such tones can provide. Skilled photographers are able to elevate these images to create timeless classics for couples to enjoy for years to come.