The exercise routine of Kim Kardashian to have a 24 inch waist

Kim Kardashian wanted to share her exercise routine with her fans. Kanye West’s wife has unveiled her physical training in her app or digital application. So if you want to have a flat stomach or a tiny waist like the star of the reality TV show keeping up with the Kardashians, you just have to follow these steps. How tall is Kim’s waist? Only 24 inch waist! This is the routine that your physical trainer Melissa Alcantara has prepared for you. Do you want to look like a Kardashian? Then, take note.

Star with many children: Here are the big families of Hollywood

There are actors and actresses who have never married, while others have real extra-large families. Let’s find out what are the star with many children.

STAR WITH MANY CHILDREN – Series like “Brothers and Sisters” based their success on the complicated events of large families. Even in the star system, however, there are celebrities who have many children. Among second weddings, adoptions and half-brothers, there are those who even reach 9 children. Let’s see who the stars are with lots of children.

How is Demi Lovato? All news and updates about her recent health condition!

How is Demi Lovato? A little more than a day from the admission of the singer overdose, new updates appear on her health conditions.

How is Demi Lovato? On Tuesday, Demi Lovato was admitted urgently due to an opiate overdose.

The singer of “Sorry Not Sorry” was found senseless in her apartment, throwing discouragement and worry fans around the world.