Why is there no sound on YouTube?

YouTube is a free online video library that allows you to upload and share videos, as well as view the videos that other people and businesses have uploaded to the site. Unless a video intentionally lacks audio, the sound is an integral part of the YouTube viewing experience. If your YouTube video has no sound, and it should, the problem could be caused by one of several causes.

How to block someone on Instagram Stories

In recent years, Instagram and Facebook have worked towards their goal of reducing harassment and spam within their main platforms, through different measures that give the millions of users of each social network the possibility of better control various aspects related to content. One of the most useful functions that have landed on Instagram since the arrival of Stories to the service is the possibility of blocking people and thus preventing them from seeing the Stories that are published on the profile.

How to make a cake in Minecraft

If the best games in the world are going to be discussed, Minecraft cannot be absent. Because thanks to its beautiful graphics in the form of a box and its ability to let you do what you want, this title was crowned king. For this very reason that you can do almost anything, is that today you will learn how to make a cake or cake in Minecraft.

And it is not for less to learn little by little all the things that this game brings because there are many objects and materials that can be obtained to combine and create different ones. With that in mind and so that you don’t get overwhelmed, you better read this little tutorial.

Robert Lewandowski Net Worth, Wife, Body, Salary, Age, Height, Biography

The stars of the German Bundesliga are likely not complete until you notice Robert Lewandowski. The Polish global is an extraordinary playmaker for the two his nation and the club, however, outside of what we as a whole know him, numerous football fans disregard his life past the football pitch.

How to recover deleted contacts?

How to recover deleted contacts from phones with Android or iPhone systems? Contacts are known to be a very important part, especially for those who make calls, send emails, or Whatsapp.

It is so convenient that only a few remember the phone numbers by heart. This is usually not usually a problem, but without a doubt, that (when they are deleted or accidentally lost) if you do not know how to recover deleted contacts it can end up being an unfortunate situation.

Anthony Mackie Net Worth, Wife, Children, Height, Age, Body measurements

With regards to faithful devotees of the Marvel films, Anthony Mackie is a face that can never lose all sense of direction in the group. He is an American entertainer who got celebrated for his jobs in movies, for example, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Captain America: Civil War, showing up as Falcon. Since his introduction in 2002, the on-screen character has become an individual important to numerous individuals. This is what you have to think about him.

Kerosene heating oil – essential heating oil for domestic purpose

When it comes about domestic heating oil, kerosene is always considered to be the one. According to scientific research, kerosene is clean fuel having high heating rate. Its low sulphur content makes the oil most suitable for domestic purpose. That’s why this oil is often termed as kerosene heating oil.