What Windows Are Best for Homes in Colder Climates?

Choosing windows for your home can already be a tough challenge. But for those of you who live in colder climates, the task might get a little bit harder because of the impact it will have on your energy costs. Homeowners who reside in regions that see lower temperatures and a higher average of precipitation will rely on their heating to get them through those particularly chilly weeks and months.

Types of pants: characteristics, types, and styles

Do you arrive at the store and do not know what pants to buy? Are there types of pants that you don’t know or what they mean? Don’t you find the pants that fit your body? Do not worry, today we collect the types of pants that exist and the bodies that best fit. And is that different styles of men’s jeans, require different types of shoes.

How to Choose the Correct Rice Cooker for You?

What is a rice cooker and how does the rice cooker work?

The name says it all – a rice cooker is a device that you can use to cook rice. Of course, you can also cook rice in a conventional saucepan on the stove, but it often happens that the rice overcooks or burns. This does not happen with a rice cooker because the non-stick coating and overcooking protection prevent this.

Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker

Why Choose Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker?

If you love a good pasta food or if you’re searching for a way the whole family can use some added moment together making something unique or if you’re searching for a wonderful gift for a family member or for a friend, you must choose the stainless-steel Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Machine. This is the most widely sold and most versatile manual pasta machine available. The home-made pasta’s taste is amazing and you’ll love the distinction from the market bought selection.

Here are some of the main features of the stainless-steel Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker:

  • Nickel-plated rollers and chrome-plated steel body for long-term resistance to corrosion
  • Produces authentic home-made pasta
  • Comprises clamp and hand-crank with ABS plastic grips; wide and narrow cutters
  • Added attachments for more noodle designs available separately
  • Easily adjustable, nine-position dial to let you choose from nine thickness settings

Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker Info

For many years, Marcato of Italy has been producing pasta maker. They make both electric and manual hand cranked pasta makers. Marcato is the biggest producer of pasta makers globally. This Matcato Atlas Wellness 150 pasta machine is designed to help you make delicious, healthy pasta in your own kitchen in a simple and fast way.

You can make four types of pasta: flat dough sheet, fettuccine, spaghetti and tagliolini using the narrow and wide cutters. Additional attachments are available separately, including a motor driven unit or other attachments to make a variety of different noodles. All the gears are in case-hardened and tempered steel to ensure that it last for a long time. The rollers of Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 are food safe and will not leave metal residue on your pasta. So you can serve the freshly made pasta to your family and friends without worry!

Also, this pasta maker is easy to keep clean. Just brush the rollers and wipe clean after use. Furthermore, the Marcato Atlas comprises instructions and recipes for making pasta dough and making the most out of this pasta maker.

Some people have complained that the Atlas pasta maker does not have a good grip and keeps moving while in use. A good trick would be to place a cloth underneath the pasta machine and wrap it underneath the table. This should provide sufficient friction to ensure it stays in place.

There are several pluses for going with the Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 pasta maker. If you prefer a pasta maker and don’t mind hand making the pasta dough as opposed to an electric pasta machine that mixes and extrudes the pasta, this is the definite choice for you!

If you are a pasta lover, you can also try for kitchenaid pasta maker.

High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

One of the cruelest ironies of life is the fact that the things that taste the best are often the worst for our health. There have probably been times when you have wanted to throw all of the new-fangled eating rules out the window and just consume what you please. Unfortunately, the doctors who study these matters know what they’re talking about and see the risks of high cholesterol from a more comprehensive perspective. It is important to keep an eye on your cholesterol levels because it can have such an important impact on your overall health. It’s a lot better to prevent complications by taking care of your diet than to try to solve a problem that has already developed. With a little bit of restraint, it is entirely possible to get a handle on cholesterol problems through diet.

High Cholesterol Foods

Here are some high cholesterol foods to avoid that will improve your overall health, and a great list of helpful items here: Lowering High Cholesterol Resources

High cholesterol foods to avoid

Saturated Fats and Oils – the best example of this is butter. Butter goes with almost everything and tastes great, which is what makes it so hard to eliminate from a diet completely. And sometimes butter is a component of our favorite recipes without us even knowing about it. If you go out to eat at restaurants where health is not a major concern, you can be certain that butter is a main component of some of your favorite dishes. But it should be consumed at moderate levels or better yet, replaced with margarine or a flavor based substitute. A good rule of thumb when it comes to saturated fats and oils is that if it becomes solid in the refrigerator then it falls under the category of high cholesterol foods to avoid.

Fatty Meats – one of the things that makes a great steak tastes so good is the marbling of the meat itself. Unfortunately, this basically means a higher fat content. When it comes to fatty meats such as roasts and ribs that come from beef or pork, the cholesterol levels can get quite high especially when you consider that common side dishes that go along with these foods are also quite fatty. Processed meats contain a high amount of cholesterol as well, and you should never forget that you don’t know exactly what goes into them. A lot of times you are getting parts that are nothing but pure fat mixed with other elements that are as far from lean meat as you can get.

Check Your Cholesterol Levels

It’s always best to visit your doctor for an assessment, but there are ways to check on your own as well. Or maybe you already know your cholesterol level and want to be able to maintain it. The CardioChek Cholesterol Meter offers an affordable way to check your high cholesterol levels. These come in handy for making sure your cholesterol plan is taking effect. There’s no point in eating foods that lower cholesterol but having no clue as to what your levels are..

Digital Aids to Lower Cholesterol Levels

Sometimes it helps to keep things as organized as possible. Eating can be a numbers game and it helps to keep track of what you consume. The LifeSign DietMate is a computer that will guide you along with lowering cholesterol and bllod pressure.

The Eatsmart Precision Pro is an affordable digital scale that will help you measure exact amounts of food you consume.

More High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

Organ Meats – some of them can be an acquired taste, and others might be a regular part of some people’s diet. Whatever the case, organ meats can be very bad for cholesterol levels and should never be consumed on a regular basis.

Chicken Skin – chicken is considered a good lean meat that is perfect for healthy diets. But there is one thing that always tempts people, and that is the delicious skin that comes with it. The key to enjoying chicken is moderation so that means allowing yourself to eat the skin on special occasions, but staying away from it the majority of the time.

Egg Yolks – you can eat egg whites to your heart’s content, but egg yolks are a different matter. Egg yolks are infamous for being one of the high cholesterol foods to avoid that many people don’t realize are bad for them. If you are in the habit of eating egg yolks for breakfast, you might be at risk of consuming other high cholesterol foods as well. Let’s face it, people who eat eggs will tend to partner them with ham, sausages, or bacon – all high cholesterol food to avoid.

Deep Fried Foods – this includes chicken, shrimp, fries, or any number of foods that are deep fried these days. Did you know that there are deep fried Chocolate Bars? How about cheese? They even have deep fried butter! It’s true that deep frying can be applied to almost any food, but it is also one sure-fire way to raise your cholesterol as well. And of course fast food that may or may not be deep fried should never be a consistent part of your diet.

Fatty Milk Products – This can include ice cream, cheese, or milk itself if it’s not skim or 1%. Anything “creamed” is also bad for you and this includes a wide variety of soups with fatty bases that are not as healthy as they might initially appear.

Cakes, Pastries, Donuts – you probably already know that these are high cholesterol foods to avoid, but it bears repeating anyways. The desserts and snacks that we love to munch on can also contain a lot of needless calories that will cause you to pack on the pounds as well. Also the snacks we love such as chips and cookies contain the worse kinds of trans fats that are extremely poor for your health.

When it comes to controlling your cholesterol levels, it never hurts to talk to your doctor to come up with smart food choices. There are plenty of foods that lower cholesterol that you can add toy your diet. You have to be careful not to simply go for “fat-free” items because they might not provide much benefit. And you should never put yourself at risk by eliminating a certain food group completely. Remember that cholesterol is a normal thing that exists in your body – it’s only when it reaches a high level that it becomes a problem. Best of all, there are plenty of foods that lower cholesterol that are also delicious. Keep reading 6 Natural remedies with ginger for your skin health

Foods that Lower Cholesterol

Here is a quick list of some delicious foods that Lower Cholesterol

  • avocados
  • olive oil
  • salmon and other fish
  • walnuts and almonds
  • garlic
  • oatmeal
  • blueberries
  • grapes
  • broccoli
  • soy products

How Long Do Oranges Last? Store Oranges in a Correct Way

To keep them for longer, the ideal would be to store them in the refrigerator. If it is not possible, keep it in a cool place. For example, it is not the same to store the fruit on the balcony of the house than inside a radiator.

How long do oranges last?

Under normal conditions, oranges can last an average of 15 to 30 days. The mandarins have a shelf life a little less than 10 to 20 days. These periods are indicative. If you can store it correctly, it will last long.

Storage conditions: The lower the temperature, the longer they will be preserved. Oranges can be stored at temperatures between:

  • 0 and 1 of 8 and 12 weeks.
  • 4th and 7th from 4 to 6 weeks.

Tangerines are more sensitive and it is recommended to store them between 5 and 9 º.

Not all varieties of citrus bear the cold the same. For example, the varieties of mandarin, Clemenvilla and Fortune are stained at low temperatures.

Harvest time: Each variety of citrus fruits is suitable for collection for about 2 months or so. But it is not the same, the fruit collected at the beginning of this period than when several weeks have passed since it begins to be picked.

Temperatures in the field: If the temperatures in the field the weeks before have been high, the fruit accelerates its metabolism and will last less time at home.

Climatology: Specifically, rainfall. When the days before the harvest it rains, the fruit absorbs more water and the citrus skin is wetter than usual. This causes the fruit to last much less at home and can cause rotting problems prematurely.

There are no two identical oranges: In the same way, some people live longer than others, some oranges live more than others. It is possible for an orange to deteriorate long before the rest of its cash mates.

How to store oranges?

Perhaps not everyone knows that oranges have a fairly long life. Depending on the types (some varieties, such as Valencia, can last even 3-4 months if stored in the cold), these citrus fruits adapt easily to the temperatures and humidity of our homes.

For the most natural preservation possible, the primary advice is to keep the oranges in a fruit basket and leave it on the terrace. Given the pure winter seasonality of the citrus, the cold and medium-humid air will benefit your oranges. In this way, they could remain at maximum maturity up to 25-30 days.

Alternatively, you can keep them indoors. The warmer and more closed atmosphere of the home walls, however, will inevitably reduce the life of the fruit. Another possibility is to put your oranges in the fridge, in the compartment dedicated to fruit and vegetables. In this way, you will artificially recreate the external winter environment.

Bernedoodle Puppies : Your New Pet

The Bernedoodle is a large dog breed, considered as a companion dog and product of the cross between the Poodle and the Bernese.

This is a relatively new breed, and that is that the Bernedoodle, is what is known as a hybrid dog or designer dog, in which two species of purebred have been chosen after analysis in behavior and characteristics, to cross them and create a new one with the best features of their parents.

One of the reasons why this practice of designing dogs has begun is the fact that, apart from creating new species with beautiful physiognomy, it is to minimize the number of diseases to which those of pure race are genetically predisposed, which Over the years they show congenital conditions, so the crossing eliminates these variables to some extent and generates dogs, in a high percentage, healthier than their predecessors.