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This was the website for Speaky Magazine which was dedicated to design and technology. We will miss all their up-to-date and very helpful posts. The content below is from the magazine's 2012 archived posts about the iPhone and Photoshop.

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Posts from 2012


iphone 5 jailbreak Successfully

By SpeakyMagazine On September 27, 2012

The good news for the iphone users  the iphone 5 has been jailbroken sucessfully on the launch day! The  developer team chpwn tweeted a picture of his iphone5 homescreen with cydia icon .THE photo is down below. They  may be also a fake that screenshot may just be a Photoshop work ,or even a web bookmark decorated to make it just as real .But chpwn(Grant paul) is great programer so there is very less chance of being fake.

Last year, it did take a few months for the untethered jailbreak to arrive, and since we’re now dealing with a device packing a brand-new A6 processor, don’t be surprised if it takes even longer this time around for this to land in public. Still, it’s certainly a great first step.

Now for those who A4 based devices can do tethered jailbreak .A4 based devices are iphone 4,3GS and iPod touch running iOS 6.you can jailbreak from jailbreak iOS 6 guide here.


Download iOS6 For iPhone, iPad And iPod touch [DIRECT LINKS]By SpeakyMagazine On September 25, 2012

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that if you’re one of the many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users waiting for iOS 6,then waiting is over Apple has just launch its latest mobile operating system, and you can get now from the direct links provided at the bottom of this post. Apple has [...]


FIFA 13 VS PES 13 – Face To Face

By SpeakyMagazine On September 23, 2012

The next week, the biggest footballing  feud  are going to be released FIFA 13 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (or PES 13) . Both gaming companies have been promising that this year’s additions to the franchises will be big developments on last year, with gameplay changes for

both titles as well as aesthetic and presentation ones thrown in for the usual

visual shake-ups, and that can surely only spell positives for football gaming fans.

So, which game do we buy?

The decision to release both games at almost the same time will bring biggest fight between EA and KONIMA.

But then, the football game market has been a duopoly for some time now, and it’s unlikely those fans who shout either way for their favorite football game would ever go over to the dark-side. A lot of bad blood had passed between those fans, and a lot of damaging words have been said.

So now there is the real question for you : are you going for the FIFA or PES?


iTUnes 10.7 With support for iOS 6 On Windows or Mac

By SpeakyMagazine On September 21, 2012

Apple’s has released its new update for iTunes the new iTunes 10.7 was announce  at the Yerba Buena in San Francisco .

The new iTunes 10.7 doesn’t   have any new features ,its for some bug fixes and to support iOS 6 ,new iPads,iPod touch and iphone 5.If u have already installed iTunes thenyou must update your iTunes.

Apple announced on Wednesday that iOS6 will be publicly available next Wednesday sept 19.It will be available for the iPhone 4s,4,3GS,new iPad,iPad2 and 4th generation iPod touch.

The new iTunes will help users to navigate by the help of gride-drive interface and also it include integration with icloud, including cloud-based, cross-device

syncing of playback information on movies.


Tethered Jailbreak For iOS6 On A4-Based Devices With Redsn0w 0.9.13dev4

By SpeakyMagazine On September 19, 2012

The new iphone5 has been release with the new iphone operating system as always  iphone do when it release its new iphone  now the iphone  has release its iOS 6.Now for those who prefere there apple devices to have jailbreak .In most circumstances it generally doesn’t take that long to release a jailbreak  for a  amid-range firmware upgrade.

Apple release iOS6 at the iphone5 at the same time iPhone dev-team has updated redsn0w 0.9.13 to support todays GM seed for tethered jailbreak on iphone 4,3gs,and ipod touch 4.but its very much important note that this is a tethered jailbreak and won’t have cydia install yet.this will only provide you root access which will enable you to install the customer packages of your choice using SSH.SO if you are not a advance or a developer ,it’s better  not to try this but when there will be complete jailbreak we will inform you so stay update with this site.

For those who love to jailbreak follow this simple instruction to jailbreak your devices:

 1. download iOS6 GM and restore your device to it with iTunes.

2. Download redsn0w 0.9.13dev4

3.Start redsnow,select ‘Extras‘ then‘Select IPSW‘ option.  Point it to iOS 6 GM firmware.

4. Now select ‘Jailbreak” option to start the process. Redsn0w will present you with onscreen instructions on how to enter your device into DFU mode. After your idevice is in DFU mode the jailbreaking procedure will automatically start. then your devices will be restart in a jailbreak state.

As i told you this is a tethered jailbreak, so  you need to enter a  tethered boot mode using Redsn0w every time your device restarts. To do this, start Redsn0w, click on the “Extras” button on screen and then simply click on “Just Boot” option and follow the on-screen instructions.


Change Your Micro SIM In TO Nano SIM

By SpeakyMagazine On September 19, 2012

The New iphone5 has been released with the nano SIM system which may  be problem  to the user’s.But now we are here to help you from this problem I don’t have an iPhone 5 to absolutely guarantee it’ll work in the device, but all you need to do simple calculation. I will just show you how to make your Micro SIM down to Nano SIM sized.It’s not 100%effective but this size is very much similar to sized define in official Nano SIM.That the reason i have very strong feeling that it will work perfectly  in your iPhone 5. Each micro SIM may be different in measurement,but they should all be roughly the same.

If you have a still have any doubt then you can Nano SIM specs here. So now  i will show you that math which you have to do with you MICRO SIM.

                 MICRO SIM       NANO SIM
Width:     12.3mm     –      14.99mm =2.69mm
Height:    8.8mm       –       12.03mm  =3.28mm
Depth:     0.67mm    –      0.81mm   =0.14mm

This is what you need to do ,Just some simple calculation with your SIM. Now  you need to have some instrument with you ,which will  help  to reduce your SIM in to NANO SIM.

2.Digital Caliper
3.Sand paper
4.Scissors (to trim)

The very first thing you should do  is measure the width, height, and depth of your existing Micro SIM. That way you have a general ballpark idea of what you need to trim to make it fit the Nano SIM specs.

After your all  trim and Math work to change  2.69mm from the width, 3.28mm from the height, and most challenging part, 0.14mm of depth.TO trim down the depth, the sandpaper  will be the best option you will get.

NOW your NANO SIM look like this. Trim a little bit, measure with digital caliper, trim a little bit more, measure — always keeping in mind the width, height, and depth of the actual Nano SIM specifications. You must use caution. Just take your time or you may ruin your SIM card. If you decide to try this, I suggest trying it on a SIM card that you don’t need. You can even do it on one of those old school big SIM cards, since the tech is all the same on the chip because i can’t give you 100% sure that it will work.


IPHONE 5 Announced -Just get ur info here

By SpeakyMagazine On September 16, 2012

Phil schiller is now on stage  for the new iphone 5 its show time .iphone5 is made from entirely a glass and alumium its bult stronger then any other iphone .

iphone 5 thats the name its conform. It’s a 326ppi Retina display, 4-inches. 1136 x 640 resolution. Same width, but taller.iPhone 5 is 18% thinner, 20% lighter than iPhone 4S; new screen has 4-inch display .The display has 44% more color saturation than the previous generation iPhone .The iPhone 5 is powered by a quad-core A6 processor clocked at with 1GB RAM.Another big new feature is the support for 4G LTE.

The iPhone 5 weighs is 112 grams, is 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S and is the thinnest smartphone till record with a depth of just 7.6mm.The iPhone 5 supports speeds up to 100Mbps.  camera of iphon 5 is same image resolution with -8 megapixels. The front-facing camera’s resolution has been increased to 720p HD from VGA on previous phones.The iPhone 5 will be available in two colors – black and white.



Golden Metallic Text Effect Photoshop Tutorials

By SpeakyMagazine On July 9, 2012

We’re going to try to get metallic effect on our text, only using Photoshop. It may look like lots of tough procedures are involved in this effect but let me tell you it’s pretty easy if you are basic Photoshop user also then no need to worry here we present a step by step tutorial [...]


25 Best Quality Photoshop CS6 Tutorials On the Web

By SpeakyMagazine On July 7, 2012

The Photoshop CS6 beta is now available. It includes a ton of big and small improvements over previous versions. It will save a lot of time for professionals on the day-to-day, thanks to new and updated features, a new graphic engine, and a new—beautiful—streamlined interface. Really there is huge changes on lots of elements of Photoshop like Shadows and Highlights ,Typography,Content-ware Patch tool and Move magic, User interface brightness and lots more. You will be amazed by creating few tutorials on Photoshop cs6 . So here we present near about 25 Photoshop cs6 tutorial to enjoy new features in Photoshop. Hope this post will be beneficial to improve your Photoshop skills even more better.


1000+ Sets Of Free Blood Splatter Photoshop Brushes

By SpeakyMagazine On June 30, 2012

There are millions of Photoshop brushes all around the web. These brushes are really useful and amazing due to it you are now able to  add patches of dirt ,floral effect, rust, swirls, mold, oil stains in your artworks and photos to give them an aged, damaged, dreamy or any look you want. We know there are tons and tons you can find them easily but it takes a lot of time to search all those brushes so, let us do that for you , :) we have collected more than 1000 sets of  Blood Splatter Photoshop Brushes for your next project hope you will like it and enjoy it.

Important: Licenses of every brush set varies, so be sure to check that information before using them.


Create a Clean Web 2.0 Button Photoshop Tutorial

By SpeakyMagazine On June 2, 2012

This tutorial helps you to create and design your own cool 2.0 style buttons in Photoshop. Many of us are spending $s on blogs advertisement, buying products and designs thats why we have written this post to save little bit of your blogs expenditure. Professional designs are very good way to uplift your business and [...]


How to Change Eye Color In Photoshop

By SpeakyMagazine On April 30, 2012

This tutorial is to help you learn how to change the color of someone’s eyes in a photo. Photoshop provides designers with unlimited options for creating unique and attractive photo effects.This tutorial shows you how to quickly change the eye color – it looks great and could be used in a number of different images [...]